Cultural project

A family and public offer

With LaSemo, all ages are welcome!

We offer a varied program, adapted to both young people and the general public. Our artistic proposals are varied and accessible to all: children, their parents and adults without children.

Everyone can find happiness, whatever their age.

Democratization and accessibility

Our culture is accessible to all and we pay special attention to people who are far from culture.

We have four main priorities for making culture accessible:

  • Article 27 with tickets at €5 per day,
  • facilities and infrastructures adapted to people with disabilities,
  • facilities and prices to suit families and small children
  • and institutions to which we offer a free or token fee.

Support for artists in Brussels and Wallonia

More than 50% of the programmed artists come from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, both in music and in performing arts. We give a prominent place to emerging artists.

Associative, professional and participative

Our associative approach is a testimony of our commitment to values and the project.

Any profits are fully reinvested in the festival, without any possibility of personal enrichment.

To carry out our mission, we pride ourselves on working with a balance of paid professional cultural workers and enthusiastic volunteers.

A strong artistic direction

Our programming is positive, festive, accessible and demanding in terms of quality.

We offer a variety of forms and disciplines. LaSemo creates unique and varied custom-made worlds that offer a dive into extraordinary universes.

Through our markets and exhibitors, we showcase high quality artisanal initiatives.

Discovery and curiosity

LaSemo enthusiastically opens its doors at 10:30 a.m. to allow audiences to make artistic discoveries.

Audiences come early and are very receptive. The development of the site focuses on discovery: all the spaces offer a great deal of interest from the public.

The musical headliners are there to expand their audience and thus invite people to discover new artists and forms of artistic expression.

An opening of the artistic offer to new audiences

Every year, 1/3 of the audience is made up of children, most of them very young, who are otherwise prevented from accessing quality cultural events for the whole family.

Our survey revealed that the majority of the audience does not attend other festivals and 2/3 do not attend any other music festival.

LaSemo, with its specific offer, proves to be the perfect solution to meet this need which is not covered by other operators in the sector or in the territory.

Decompartmentalization of sectors through various proposals

LaSemo offers a truly inspiring interdisciplinary approach.

With the same ticketOn the same day, the public can discover and enjoy concerts of contemporary music (and chanson for young audiences), classical music, circus, street, fairground and interdisciplinary shows, storytelling, cinema (very short films), comedy, cabaret, entresorts and theater for young audiences.

Our decompartmentalization provides an enriching experience for audiences.

Participation in the dynamics of the sectors

LaSemo is an actor involved in various networks that contribute to the dynamization of sectors and operators. LaSemo is a member of FFMWB, Aires Libres, Court Circuit, EFES, ASSPROPRO and Eventchange, and its participation in these networks strengthens its presence and influence.

We believe that this balance is essential: on the one hand, a more solid structure and cultural workers who are paid for their work. On the other hand, the richness and sensitivity of a team of passionate volunteers who, by committing themselves, share their time and benefit from an exceptional and empowering training and experience.

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