For all festive, family, calm & van campsites:

Tents will be set up in the locations indicated by the organization's representatives.

Personal consumption (food and drink) is permitted in reasonable quantities. Under no circumstances may they be sold.

Waste will be sorted and deposited exclusively in waste garbage cans and sorting centers. Campers must leave their sites clean on departure.

Campsites (festive, family, quiet & van) are prohibited.

More specifically, campers are expected to stay at quiet, family-friendly campsites:

Expected behavior

Any person present on the plain or in one of the organization’s campsites agrees to follow the injunctions and requests of the organization.

Furthermore, it accepts the diffusion by the organization and any natural or legal person authorized by the organization, via all physical or digital media and for any purpose, of any image, photo, video or other reproduction taken by the organization, its representatives or any person accredited by it. However, upon written request to the organization, the image concerned will be removed within a reasonable time.

The organization reserves the right to prosecute, through any legal means, any person on the plain of LaSemo or in the campsites who does not have adequate access.

By entering LaSemo’s grounds or campsite, everyone agrees to respect the spirit, the infrastructures, the park, the equipment, the decoration and any other element related or not to the organization of LaSemo. Any damage or consequence of damage caused by a festival-goer will be charged to him/her.

The organization reserves the right to permanently exclude anyone who does not respect the rules or the spirit of the event. No compensation can be claimed by the excluded person.

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